Oriental Mood is an adventurous story since 1992.  Now they are entering a new phase of their life. 

HC Andersen said: "Traveling is to live" –

Oriental Mood lives by HC Andersen's providence by presenting this musical journey.

Oriental Mood toured from Greenland to Borneo, Libanon, Pakistan, Germany, Holland, Italy, Egypt and many more countries…

A new release is coming up: “Salam Aleicum”– with new compositions from LBKhaled. Release autumn 2022.

Oriental Mood is now ready for new challenges. Since the last digital release "Best of Oriental Mood" (2018) at Gateway - LBKhaled & Oriental Mood now presents a new flexible lineup. 

The lineup for Oriental Mood is a flexible figure that can be adjusted to the conditions for venues and festivals.

lineup :

Lars Bo "Khaled" Kujahn: bandleader: Kanun, Arabic percussion, played his first concert in 1975 - and then more than 1001…                

Poul J Knudsen: guitar - is one of the leading artists of Flamenco Guitar in Denmark.                                                                                     

Mirwais Fedai: Indian tabla: has an Afghan background but grew up in Denmark and is today one of the best tabla players in Scandinavia.                                       

Ole Reimer: trumpet with specialization in Balkan / Klezmer - and also plays with "Klesmofobia" and "Asun"

Special Guests with Oriental Mood can be invited:

The award-winning Indian flute player

Shashank Subramaniyam

– the charismatic singer Karima Nayt from Algeria and the resident Danish/Spanish flamenco singer Gustav Rey.

About the music of Oriental Mood

Arabic and Gypsy music from Andalucia was - and is characterized by improvisation - the ability to convey mood at the moment. The music is scented with spontaneous whims, and many solos on both Qanun, Trumpet, Indian tabla and flamenco guitar.

A spiritual inspiration aimed at creating a bridge between Western and Eastern cultures - to present the best of the Arab maqam to the most funky and Middle Eastern beats.


From the start of Oriental Mood in 1992 they won the contest of best Worldmusic Artist in Denmark - which gave them the honour of recording thir first release "Travels" in 1994. Since then its been 9 releases - and cooprations with singesr like Fatma Zidan, Asma Mnour - and the 

pop duo "Infernal". Latest they released the best of  "Oriental Mood 1993-2018" with no less than 31 tracks from their 9 albums.

"Best of Oriental Mood 1993-2018"

"25 Years"

A selection of the best songs from our 9 releases since 1993 - 31 tracks with

guests like

Asma Mnour, Fatma Zidan etc.

"Oriental Timing" - 2017

Arabic and Gypsy music from Andalucia was - and is characterized by improvisation - the ability to convey mood at the moment.

"Manzar Gamiil" - 2013

The ultimate test for the composer

Lars Bo "Khaled" Kujahn : Arranged by the Egyptian composer Mdasser

"Muktalef" - 2007

The 2. award winning release in joint venture with the Egyptian singer

Fatma Zidan : Best world Track 2008 : "Yoma"

"Oriental Cut" - 2003

The song and dance performance touring Libanon, Syria, Egypt, Germany and Denmark 2004

"Visits" - 2000

The awqrd winning release : Best Worldmusic release in Denmark 2001 - with the now famous Moroccan singer Asma Mnour


Travels was the first release from Oriental Mood. It was a result of the 1. price of a world music live competetion in Denmark 1992 - a free studio recording by Niels Ekner in Aabenrå studios. Released by Caravan Records

"Oriental Moods"

was supported by the Danish Arts Council - and recorded in the famous

Easy Sound Studio nov 1995.

Released by Oriental Recordings.

"Oriental Garden"

Was the first release with a foreign

label : "Unite One Rec."

Guest artist : Naze Botan from Kurdistan.

Released by