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dec. 23 :

2 new singles : "Gaza in my heart" and "Free Palestine"

Due to the conflict in Palestine autumn 2023 - we release 2 new singles on bandcamp - and later on spotify etc

5-12/3 Oriental Mood toured succesfully in Egypt with their Project "Music Caravan" 

Special Guests : Fatma Zidan and Bilal Irshed

Its was arranged by Cairo Opera and supported by the Danish Arts Council

10/2-2023 Oriental Mood released their new album "Salam Aleicum" on the danish label : www.gatewaymusic.dk and www.bandcamp.com as well.

The music is recorded through the Corona lock down at own homestudio as well as in Cairo at

Ehab Nabil Studio.

Special guests are : Mostafa Abdl Naby : Violin - Reda Bdeer : Nay - John Samer : Nay

All compositions by LBKhaled (Lars Bo Kujahn)

We are proud to present the new album and hope you will download it at Bandcamp or iTunes or

hear it on Spotify.

Beside that we are now booking spring/summer 2024 - Don´t hesitate to contact us !