Oriental Mood is a creation of the bandleader and composer/musician Lars Bo "Khaled" Kujahn. Since 1992 hes been the engine and entrepeneur of this East orientated band with inspirations from Balkan, Turkey - Middle East - and now as well India music cultures.

Now Oriental Mood is in its 5. edition with a very strong and charming setup : Indian tablas, Flamenco Guitar, Trumpet and Kanun.

Since 1992 Oriental Mood played in Greenland, Malysia, Italy, Germany, Holland, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Libanon, India, Syria, Egypt and Pakistan - and more to come...

Our projects

From 1999 to 2004 Oriental Mood and Lars Bo "Khaled" Kujahn produced the song/dance and music performance "Oriental Cut".

It was a way to present the new eastern cultures in Denmark - in a more positive way - than the media in general.

In 3 stages - 1: "Oriental Wave" (1999) 2: "Oriental Beta Cut" (2001) 3:"Oriental Cut" (2004) - the performance developed into a great succes with performances in Denmark, Germany, Egypt, Lbanon - (and at that time a peaceful )Syria.

The project was supported by the Copenhagen County "Fuel" and the British Council in DK.

Among the artists in the project were the singers Asma Mnour (Morocco) - Karima Nayt(Algeria) - Gustav Rey(DK/Spain)

The musicians Fathy Sallama (Egypt) - Johnny Kalsi (UK) - Hadji Tekbilek (Turkey/Sweden) the Sufi Dancer Raeed Zaeed (Egypt)

and many more.

a Danish article about "Oriental Cut" from the magazine "Line Out"